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Transform Your MSG Files into PDFs Effortlessly

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Our online MSG to PDF Converter efficiently handles the conversion of Outlook MSG files to PDF format, ensuring high fidelity and compatibility. This tool utilizes advanced, commercially developed libraries recognized for their comprehensive support of email formats, making it adept at managing the complex nuances of MSG and PDF files. The conversion process begins with transforming MSG files into MHTML format, preserving essential email information and preparing it for accurate PDF rendering.

Leveraging a library with exceptional HTML rendering capabilities, the application accurately replicates email layouts in PDF form, maintaining the integrity of styles, fonts, and complex structures such as images and tables. Unlike many conversion tools that produce large raster images, our converter generates compact, searchable PDF documents. This approach not only reduces file size but also maintains text searchability, enhancing the document's usability.

Our converter stands on the shoulders of proprietary solutions with years of development behind them. These libraries have been continuously improved through professional oversight, feature enhancements, and bug fixes, ensuring our tool's reliability and effectiveness. We offer this powerful conversion service for free, inviting users to support us by sharing with others who might find it valuable.


Key Advantages of Our MSG to PDF Converter

High Compatibility

Expertly handles various fonts and locales, ensuring your PDFs accurately represent the original MSG files

Advanced Rendering

Employs leading libraries for precise layout reproduction, from text alignment to complex structures

Proven Solutions

Utilizes commercial libraries with years of refinement, guaranteeing reliability and quality

How it works

Getting started


Upload your MSG file

Drag and drop your MSG file onto the designated area or click to browse for it


Wait for the conversion

The application will start processing your file immediately


Download the result

Click the download button below to get the converted PDF

Frequently asked questions

Your Questions Answered

What makes this converter stand out?

Our use of commercial-grade libraries ensures unparalleled accuracy in conversion, handling even the most complex MSG files with ease.

Can I convert multiple files at once?

Currently, our tool processes one file at a time, focusing on maintaining high-quality conversions for each document.