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Convert Thunderbird EML to Outlook MSG format

Upload an EML message by either:

  • Dragging the EML file or message from the email client onto this area
  • Clicking the area to browse for a file using the system file peeker dialog

EML to MSG converter is a simple online tool. But it uses powerful libraries under the hood. You can be sure about high level of conversion accuracy. And you can use all the benefits of this app without any limits. We are doing our best to make the conversion process as fast as possible.

Our app is offered at no cost, as we strive to ensure its accessibility to all. Should you know someone who might benefit from our EML to MSG converter, we kindly ask you to share it with them.


Main EML to MSG converter advantages

Accurate conversion

Our converter library has one of the highest levels of compatibility with EML and MSG formats

Easy to use

Drag your file, wait, click Download button, and that's all

Fast conversion process

All files are converted immediately, without unnecessary steps or schedules

Why people use EML to MSG converters?

I wish I could tell you why it is so popular on our website, but I don't know. For some reason, it is one of our most popular apps now. I can only assume some possible reasons, but they are very rare. Anyway, let's take a look at some possible reasons:

  • Software development: people might need some MSG files to test their features. Sometimes converting them from EML files is the easiest way.
  • Email migration: some people might need to convert their old emails to a new format. You might think, why not convert MBOX to PST instead? Well, I don't know, maybe they want to keep only few important messages? Even in this case it does not make any sense, because Outlook already supports both formats.
  • Using custom tools: some people might need to convert their emails to MSG format to use them in some custom tools, which support only MSG format. I've never seen tools like that, but who knows, right?

As you can see, all these reasons seem to be very rare. Some of them might not even make any sense. However, people still use this app. So, if you are one of these users, please let us know why. After converting your file, you will have the opportunity to leave your feedback. Please tell us why you need this application.

Anyway, we are happy that we can provide such a service for those who need it. If you want us to improve it, please also let us know which features you would like us to add. We aim to keep our apps as simple as possible, but we also strive for them to be the best in the market. If it's possible, of course.

Why do you have to press the "Open EML to MSG converter" button?

We know that this button seems pretty redundant here. Some people might also notice that the application appears to be already available under this button. Unfortunately, it's not actually available. It only appears that way. So, you may wonder, how does it actually work?

The web page you see before pressing the button is pre-rendered on the server. It doesn't contain any scripts related to the app. We did this to speed up the page load time, which is really important nowadays. Don't ask us why it's important. We know that the internet is becoming faster day by day, but we still have to work hard on optimizing page load times.

So, when you press the button, all the necessary scripts start loading. You can still read the page, but you have to wait a bit for the app to load. All loaded scripts will automatically attach to the buttons and other widgets that already exist on the page. And when everything is successfully loaded, the spinner disappears and you can start using the app.

We apologize for this inconvenience. But you should know that all these scripts will be cached in your browser. So you won't have to press this button the next time. The app will be available immediately upon opening the page.

You might think that this is the only thing we've done to speed up the page load time. But we've done a bit more. We understand that you want our app to start as quickly as possible. For example, we don't load any other apps, not even the feedback form. We understand that people usually leave their feedback after using the app. So the script for the feedback form will only be downloaded if you press the corresponding button. We also aim to reuse shared code as much as possible. So if you navigate through our website's menu and switch to another application, it will load much faster because it will reuse as much of the shared code as possible.

EML to MSG app in action

Oh, and the image above, it wasn't loaded at the same time as the rest of the page. Your browser only downloaded it when you started scrolling. Isn't that cool? So we do our best to optimize page loading so you don't waste your time waiting. We hope you appreciate it.

Frequently asked questions

EML to MSG converter related questions

How does EML to MSG converter work?

The EML file is uploaded to our server. This file is parsed using our well-developed library. All aspects of the file, including attachments, alternative views, HTML or plain text bodies, are also parsed and saved. Then, a MAPI message object is created. All data is converted to the corresponding MAPI properties and saved to the MAPI message object. At the end of the process, the MAPI message object is serialized to a file, which is then uploaded to our storage. We provide a unique direct download link, which is available for the next 24 hours.

Why is the EML to MSG converter so accurate?

We use a well-developed library for the conversion process. The development of this library started more than 12 years ago. Our team has been improving it all this time. We've collected all possible feedback and fixed all the bugs that were found during this period. We are really proud of this product and are so happy that we can share some of its features with you for free. We hope you will enjoy it.