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Experience Precision and Speed with Our Conversion Tool

Upload MSG message by either:

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Our online application streamlines the conversion of Outlook MSG files to EML format, utilizing a renowned library with extensive email functionalities. Recognized as one of the best solutions for email file format support, this library encapsulates years of dedicated development to understand and implement the intricacies of the MSG and EML standards. Its comprehensive approach ensures that our converter delivers highly accurate results, maintaining the integrity of your email data throughout the conversion process.

The conversion engine at the heart of our application has been refined over a decade, incorporating continuous feedback from users to enhance its capabilities. This ongoing improvement, coupled with monthly updates, keeps our tool at the forefront of technology, ensuring that it remains the preferred choice for converting MSG files to EML.

Upon uploading an MSG file, either by drag-and-drop or through a file selection dialog, the file is promptly processed by our server and handed over to the conversion library. This ensures a swift conversion, after which the file is made available for download from a secure storage space. This feature not only facilitates immediate access to the converted EML file but also provides a backup download link that is valid for 24 hours, adding an extra layer of convenience for our users. Please note, for security reasons, files are permanently deleted from our storage after this period.

Our tool's dedication to performance, precision, and user privacy makes it the go-to solution for anyone who needs to convert MSG files to EML efficiently.


Enhanced Capabilities

Precision Engineered

Benefit from our conversion tool's accuracy, developed from a library known for its extensive research into email formats

User-Centric Design

Our tool's interface is designed for ease of use, allowing for straightforward file conversions with just a few clicks

Reliable Results

Trust in a conversion process honed over years to provide dependable outcomes, preserving your data's integrity

Why people use MSG to EML converters?

The MSG file format is a proprietary file type used by Microsoft Outlook to store email messages. While it is widely supported by Outlook and other email clients, it is not as universally compatible as the EML format. EML files are used by a variety of email clients, including Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Microsoft Outlook Express, making them a more versatile choice for sharing email messages.

Sometimes, users could accidentally receive an MSG file and need to open it. But they do not have Microsoft Outlook installed on their computer. This does not happen very often, but there is no guarantee. In this case, the user could convert the MSG to EML, because the EML file format is much easier to read. People coul even open it in a text editor.

Another reason to convert MSG to EML is to store the email message in a more open sourced format. Proprietary formats could have problems with long-term support. Microsoft could invent new formats, new versions, etc. And some day it could become too complicated to find a proper software to open the file.

There are also some software applications, which could provide extra features for email files. Such as email headers analyzer. Sometimes, these apps only support EML files because it is easier to support this format. Moreover, some applications do not need the whole message, but only headers. In this case, users could prefer text based file format, so they can copy only part of the message, without any sensitive information.

Challenges in MSG to EML converter implementation

Converting between MSG and EML formats involves handling a range of complexities. These include differences in character encoding, conversion of rich text formatting, preservation of metadata, and handling of Outlook-specific features like calendar items and tasks.

Another complexity is the handling of date and time information. This includes dealing with different timezone representations, daylight saving time changes, and variations in date and time formatting.

Both formats handle attachments differently, and the conversion process must ensure all attachments are correctly handled and preserved. This includes the handling of inline attachments, embedded images, and other file attachments.

Both formats support nested messages. These messages can be useful for forwarding or quoting. The conversion process must ensure that nested messages are correctly handled and preserved.

Fortunately, our conversion tool uses very widely used library. This library also has support for IMAP, SMTP and EWS protocols. EWS protocol uses MSG format under the hood, while IMAP and SMTP use MIME standard, which is EML format based on. These features are very popular in the library, which is why both formats are perfectly supported.

Ratings and reviews

Philip J.
September 21, 2023
This is the best site for converting files in the world!! Truly reccomended!
Harry F.
February 11, 2024
Your availability of this tool is something that I personally appreciate so much, thanks a lot for all your efforts to have this web site for us.
Morgan E.
January 30, 2024
Tried converting MSG file to both an EML file and a pdf. Both worked very well.

Frequently asked questions

Expert Insights

What happens if my download is interrupted?

No need to worry. Each conversion generates a download link, active for 24 hours, allowing you to restart the download process if necessary.

How frequently is the conversion tool updated?

Our commitment to excellence means we regularly update the conversion engine to incorporate the latest advancements and user feedback, ensuring peak performance and reliability.

Can I convert multiple MSG files at once?

At present, our tool is designed to focus on converting one MSG file at a time. This approach ensures the accuracy and reliability of each conversion, providing you with the best possible results. However, we understand the need for batch conversions and are considering adding this feature in future updates. We continually strive to enhance our tool's capabilities to better serve our users' needs.

How long does the conversion process take?

The conversion process is typically swift, often completed within a few seconds. However, the exact duration can vary depending on the size and complexity of the MSG file being converted. Larger files with more intricate structures may take a bit longer. Rest assured, our tool is designed to process conversions as quickly and efficiently as possible without compromising on the quality of the results.

Is my data safe during the conversion process?

Absolutely, your data's safety is our top priority. We use secure protocols to transfer your files to and from our server. Furthermore, the download link generated after conversion is unique and impossible to guess, ensuring that only you have access to your converted file. We do not store your original MSG file after the conversion, and the converted EML file is stored for only 24 hours. We are also working on adding a feature that will allow you to manually remove the converted file from our server immediately after download, providing an extra layer of control over your data.

What happens to my MSG file after conversion?

After the conversion process, your original MSG file remains untouched. The conversion process creates a new EML file, leaving your original MSG file intact. It's important to note that we do not store your original MSG file on our server after the conversion. The converted EML file is stored on our server for only 24 hours for download purposes, after which it is permanently deleted. This approach ensures the privacy and security of your data.