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DNS Lookup

Discover, verify, and understand domain records with precision. Perfect for email delivery and security checks

DNS Lookup by Emailerize: The Ultimate domain Analysis Tool

In today's digital age, the clarity and accuracy of DNS records play an instrumental role, especially when it comes to email deliverability and security. Recognizing this importance, we present the DNS Lookup tool by Emailerize.

Currently Supported Queries

Our domain name Lookup tool doesn't just stop at fetching generic records. We delve deeper, fetching data such as:

  • A
  • MX
  • NS
  • PTR
  • SPF

The best part? While we currently provide insights into the above types, we're continuously innovating. Soon, we'll be unveiling functionalities to fetch and analyze:

  • All TXT Records: Going beyond just fetching, we'll decode the significance of each TXT record, helping you understand their meaning
  • SRV
  • TLSA
  • and much more


Unlocking the Power of DNS Analysis

Comprehensive DNS Records Fetching

Quickly obtain A, MX, SPF, DMARC and more for any domain.

Email Safety & Delivery Analysis

Go beyond standard DNS checks and ensure your emails are safe and delivered efficiently

User-friendly Explanations

We break down complex DNS terminology for you. Understand what each record means

Responsive and Fast

Built for professionals who need accurate results quickly

Free to Use

No hidden charges. Get started now

Speed & Completeness

One of our hallmarks is our devotion to speed without compromising on data accuracy. Instead of generic 'ANY' requests, which often result in partial data, our tool makes individual, simultaneous requests for each record type. This parallel processing ensures comprehensive data in record time.


While we've kept the current version lean to prioritize speed, our roadmap is buzzing with enhancements. We're looking at integrating functionalities like whois, IP geolocation, and even blacklist checks. These features will be seamlessly integrated into the app, sparing users from toggling between multiple tools.

In-depth SPF Analysis

We don’t believe in presenting raw, indecipherable strings of data. When it comes to SPF records, our tool goes the extra mile. Users benefit from a detailed breakdown of SPF rules, gaining clarity on how each rule applies.

Our Commitment

As we forge ahead, our ambition is clear - to evolve DNS Lookup into a comprehensive toolset that simplifies email deliverability analysis. With Emailerize's commitment to innovation and excellence, users can anticipate an ever-evolving suite of features tailored to their needs.

How it works

How to Use Emailerize DNS Lookup


Input Domain

Simply enter the domain name you wish to investigate


Click button

Click the "DNS Lookup" button and wait for the results


Analyze Results

We'll retrieve the records and provide a clear breakdown


Ensure Email Delivery

Review SPF, DMARC, MX, PTR records to ensure your emails land safely

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your questions about the app

What is DNS Lookup?

It's a tool that retrieves the current DNS records for a domain. It helps in diagnosing domain issues, understanding email delivery setups, and more

Why focus on email-related DNS records?

Email delivery and security are crucial in today's digital age. Understanding and configuring records like SPF and DMARC can prevent phishing and ensure email deliverability

How often can I use the DNS Lookup tool?

As much as you need! It's free and designed to handle multiple queries

I'm not a techie. Can I still use this tool?

Absolutely! We've designed our tool to be user-friendly. We break down the jargon and explain each record in simple terms