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Easy-to-Use EML to PDF Converter for Accurate Email Conversion

Upload EML message by either:

  • Dragging the EML file on this area
  • Dragging the message from your email client
  • Clicking on the button below to browse for a file

Our EML to PDF Converter uses a robust library developed over 15 years, ensuring high level of compatibility and minimal bugs. Unlike some competitors, our program supports a wide range of locales, ensuring correct display of various Unicode characters thanks to universally recognized fonts. Simplify your EML to PDF conversions with a tool designed for speed, accuracy, and broad compatibility.


Our EML to PDF Converter brings several advantages to the table

High Compatibility

Built on a library developed for over 15 years, ensuring accurate conversion

Comprehensive Unicode Support

Compatible with various locales, outperforming competitors limited to Latin-based fonts

Preserved Email Fidelity

Converts emails to PDF while maintaining the original look and feel, along with searchable text

Why Do People Convert Their EML Files to PDF?

EML files are commonly used for storing email messages, but they can be challenging to open and read without the appropriate software. By converting EML files to PDF, users can easily share emails with others, regardless of the recipient's email client or operating system.

Nowadays, it's hard to find a device that doesn't have software to view PDF files. Most modern web browsers can open PDF files without any additional software.

Also, the PDF format is very suitable for printing. PDF files are usually very stable in terms of formatting. They typically embed all the necessary fonts and have a good level of support in different applications. If you want to prepare your document for printing on someone else's device, PDF is a great solution. It is very common for people to use other formats like DOCX or HTML to prepare their documents for printing. But then they realize that opening those documents on other devices could cause lots of formatting issues. Some strings could move to other pages, some tables could be cut off, etc.

So, even if you are sure that another person could open your EML using an email client, you may still want to convert it to PDF. That's how you can be sure that they will see your message in the exact same way.

Ratings and reviews

Samuel D.
March 9, 2024
Richard W.
November 27, 2023
Works like a charm. thx
January 21, 2023
Everything looks great so far. Thank you. Super easy and fast.

Frequently asked questions

EML to PDF Conversion Queries Answered

How does the conversion process work?

The conversion process involves three key steps. Initially, EML files are transformed into MHTML format using a specialized library. Then, the MHTML file is rendered in an embedded mini-browser to accurately capture the email's appearance as it would look in an email client. Finally, this rendered document is saved as PDF using the embedded browser functions.

What makes this converter stand out?

Our converter stands out due to its use of a powerful library, guaranteeing high compatibility and reliability in converting EML files to PDF. Furthermore, our support for a wide array of locales and universal fonts ensures accurate representation of emails, regardless of the language or characters used.

Can I search text within the converted PDF?

Absolutely. The conversion process preserves all textual information, making the PDF fully searchable. You can easily search for specific words, highlight text, and more, just like you would with any PDF document.