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Convert Your EML to JPG in a Snap

Upload EML message by either:

  • Dragging the EML file on this area
  • Dragging the message from your email client
  • Clicking on the button below to browse for a file

About Our EML to JPG Converter

Our converter virtually prints the EML file as a PDF document and converts every single page as a separate JPG image. The size of the file affects the output format - it will be a JPG for a single page or a ZIP if it is longer than one page. For page names generation, we use the right-aligned numeration to ensure that files will always be sorted properly. For example, page 11 will never appear before page 2, because the second page will have the name "page 02.jpg".

Our converter prints some header fields: From, To, Subject, Sent date, and HTML body. It does not print any other information like attachments or alternate views. After the conversion, users can leave feedback or even ask for new features. The "leave feedback" button will be available below the "Download" button.

Our converter uses Noto, Dejavu, and Liberation font sets to print all Unicode symbols properly. Users can let us know if some symbols are missing or ask us to add other fonts support.

Converted files are stored on our storage and only available for download using a unique presigned link. These files will be automatically removed after 24 hours. We plan to add a feature for urgent manual result removal.